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Weblog A New Kind of Rotating USB Drives - The Rotator

Today we launched the latest version of our 'Rotator' Flash Drive, the distant cousin of the 'Twister'.

Flash Drives which have an inner USB part rotating out from an external case are always popular and we thought it was about time to introduce a slight variant on the design.

The Rotator has a nice slim design and a high quality 'mirror finish' metal case which looks great laser engraved or printed. It is available in memory capacity of 128MB up to a whopping 16 GB.

So next time you are considering placing an order for Flash Drives in this style don't forget what the new Rotator has to offer and differentiate yourself from the masses.

Rotator USB Drive
Laser Engraved Rotator USB Flash Drives
Rotator Series USB Drive
Rotator USB meets Twister USB

flashbay Auteur: James Appleton
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Benedicta Manah, Darabeem Enterprises | 05 Aug, 2017
Please can your promotional item be delivered to Nigeria and what the payment options?  Would love to get a reply soonest. Kind regards.
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